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Introducing Our 2017 Legislative Agenda

October 24, 2016

The Louisiana Youth Justice Coalition achieved tremendous success in 2016, its inaugural year!  With the support of over 70 member organizations, we passed the Raise the Age Louisiana Act... Read more >

Duane’s arrest left him confused and scared. He had never had any trouble with the law before. He was a straight-A student who had been working hard to be the first in his family to go to college.

Suddenly, this future he was working so hard toward was thrown into jeopardy. Read more >


“Marshall’s a good kid but just didn’t have enough to do. And he saw that when he acted out, the negative attention he received was still attention.” Read more >

Heather, LCCR Social Worker

“This is what happens when you give a kid a real chance. Making a long-term difference in a child’s life means allowing him the opportunity to learn from his mistakes and do something positive. Our kids will take that opportunity if they have it.” Read more >

Nat, LCCR Investigator

With the help of her LCCR attorney and youth advocate, Imani was able to avoid expulsion. But in doing so, she and her defense team realized that her school just wasn’t the right fit.

With LCCR’s help, Imani was able to enroll in a smaller school that had a strong focus on community. When Imani wasn’t in school, her LCCR youth advocate helped her to find a summer job that ignited her curiosity and motivated her to succeed. Read more >


LGBT Safe Zone

LGBTQ Safe Zone

We protect, welcome, and fight for every client, because all of Louisiana’s children have the right to equal justice. View our Non-Discrimination policy >