We defend Louisiana’s children.

The Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights is a nonprofit law office that defends the right of every Louisiana child to fairness, dignity, and opportunity.

Our Children’s Defense Team is the juvenile public defender in New Orleans, where our holistic, team-based, cross-disciplinary advocacy helps young people achieve their legal and life goals in more than 1,200 cases each year.

Statewide, we provide resources and training for public defenders who work with children,  and we advocate for law and policy reform to build a juvenile justice system that is fair, compassionate, and supportive of positive youth development.

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Photo by Richard Ross

Photo by Richard Ross

The Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights is the only nonprofit, specialized juvenile public defender in the country. We are reinventing advocacy for young people in Louisiana’s juvenile justice system – from building a new model of transformative juvenile defense to youth empowerment through community outreach and education. Our projects include:

Children’s Defense Team

Children’s Defense Team

Training, Consulting, & Practice Support

The Reentry Project

Juvenile Justice System Reform

Second Chances Project

The Reentry Project

Lawyers for Children

Second Chances Project

Protecting Children in Custody

Community Defenders

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I can help the most vulnerable population of New Orleans access the best social, educational and community services. This is a chance to work with young people who have fallen through the cracks of the system. No young person should fall into the juvenile justice system – but we can ensure that being system-involved is not the end of the road.

Heather Kindschy, LCCR Social Worker

All kids deserve somebody to fight for them.

Jordan McEntyre, LCCR Staff Attorney

They give you lawyers when you go to juvenile... And just so happened I got a lawyer called Nelson Bowman and me and him became very close friends…. Me and Bowman just spent time, he would come to my house, see how I was doing, this and that. And then I met Ms. Laura, she was his assistant. And we've just been like a whole family... You'd be surprised how many people be behind you after something like that happens.

R.C., LCCR Client

Our kids are good kids. And kids who can do well, will do well. We just need to give them the opportunity.

Meghan Garvey, LCCR Managing Director

All kids deserve the opportunity to succeed in life. I want to be part of the team working to give them that opportunity.

Elizabeth Coe, LCCR Special Counsel

LGBT Safe Zone

LGBTQ Safe Zone

We protect, welcome, and fight for every client, because all of Louisiana’s children have the right to equal justice. View our Non-Discrimination policy >