LCCR Testifies at Colorado Legislature’s Juvenile Defense Hearings

Sep 25, 2013

10:AM -- 1: PM Central

Media event

On September 25, LCCR Executive Director Joshua Perry will testify about LCCR’s model of holistic juvenile defense in front of the Colorado legislature’s Juvenile Defense Attorney Interim Committee, which is charged with examining and making recommendations for improving Colorado’s system of juvenile indigent defense.  The Committee was formed after a National Juvenile Defender Center assessment raised significant concerns about the way children are defended in Colorado’s juvenile justice system.  The committee hearing will begin at 10 AM Central.  To listen in, or read summaries of the testimony or other materials about the committee, visit the committee’s website.

Visit the National Juvenile Defender Center’s website for more on its state assessments, including the full text of its 2001 assessment of Louisiana’s juvenile defense system.