Equal Rights & Non-Discrimination

We are committed to fighting for equal rights for each and every one of our clients.

The most vulnerable and underprivileged young people are disproportionately drawn into the juvenile justice system – including minorities, young people who are indigent, LGBTQ youth, and youth with a mental illness or learning disability. 98% of the Children’s Defense Team’s clients are African-American. 73% of youth in Louisiana’s juvenile jails have a diagnosed mental illness. More than 50% of system-involved youth have an educational disability.  Research suggests that at least 15% of the population in our juvenile jails is LGBTQ, and that LGBTQ youth suffer worse court outcomes than other youth.

LCCR has a special commitment to these young people. We fight for equal rights: that means fairness, dignity, and opportunity for every client. It also means sensitivity to every client. And it means that we will work to change the juvenile justice system until it treats every young person fairly and with compassion.

Please refer to the following resources as needed:

LCCR’s Non-Discrimination Policy

Louisiana Public Defender Board’s Non-Discrimination Statement