Marshall Gets Back on Track

Marshall is a sweet, polite, and somewhat shy teenager.  But last year, to the surprise of his teachers and classmates, he started acting out in school.  He was suspended several times for disruptive behavior, and ultimately was arrested for a fight on the school bus.

boy-smiling-by-concrete-wall-croppedMarshall’s team at LCCR started where they most often do: finding out what issues might be causing a child’s behavior.

Heather, Marshall’s social worker, quickly learned that Marshall spent a lot of time alone with little to occupy him.  His mother worked multiple jobs to make ends meet, and Marshall didn’t have any activities to attend while she was away.  Once his suspensions started, Marshall had even more idle time on his hands.

“He’s a good kid but just didn’t have enough to do,” says Heather.  “And he saw that when he acted out, the negative attention he received was still attention.”

So his team got started on finding positive activities for Marshall to join.  When Grow Dat, a youth leadership program, came across Heather’s desk, it seemed like the perfect fit – but the deadline for applications had already passed.  Fortunately, Heather had sent kids to Grow Dat before and was able to work with their staff to secure an interview for Marshall.

Marshall was not only accepted into the program, but thrived in it.  His behavior at school began to improve.  Once Heather met with his teachers to ensure his special education needs were being met, so did his grades.  Marshall’s LCCR lawyer, Lauren, presented the court with his progress and successfully convinced the judge to close Marshall’s case early.

But Marshall had one request before his case closed: like most teens, he really, really wanted his driver’s license.  His uncle had given him an old car, but all Marshall could do was sit in the driveway listening to the car’s radio.

Although his mom was supportive, her finances were too tight to pay for driver’s ed.  So his LCCR team paid for his classes using the Client Resource Fund, which covers small expenses that act as barriers to kids’ success.  Now Marshall can happily drive himself to school, the gym, and his new afterschool job.

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