What a Night for a Celebration!

What a wonderful evening! Last week we welcomed nearly 200 guests to our Celebration for Children’s Rights.

For more than a decade, LCCR has advocated for a safe, fair, and compassionate juvenile justice system. We work hard to ensure that system-involved children have the resources and opportunities they need to thrive. This evening, we celebrated our successes and recommitted to building a better Louisiana for all of our children.

We were delighted to hear from Demetres Williams, who talked about the day she received a harrowing phone call from the police saying that her youngest child had been arrested. Her other children had never been in trouble, and she didn’t know what to do. Demetres shared how her son’s LCCR team helped her every step of the way — from navigating court proceedings to connecting her son with job training — to eventually bring her “baby” back home.

We were also honored to hear from Malik, a former LCCR client who spoke about the relationship he had developed with his LCCR team — including Jordan, his attorney, who defended his rights in court, and Preet, his social worker, who got him enrolled in school and would take him every day to fill out applications until he found a job. It’s been four years since Malik’s last arrest. He’s aiming to go to college and learn electrical engineering. In the meantime, we are pleased to announce that Malik has joined LCCR as our newest Youth Voices Project intern. We’re thrilled to have him as a member of our team!

We could think of no better way to spend an evening. Thank you for joining us and making this year’s Celebration so memorable!

A special thank you goes out to our generous sponsors for backing this evening with their support…

This year’s Development Committee for bringing together such a wonderful group of guests…

  • Royce Duplessis
  • Jeanne Firth
  • George C. Freeman, III
  • Lulu and Billy Freiberg
  • Jana Lipman
  • Shaun Rafferty
  • Karon Reese
  • Judge Miriam Waltzer (ret.)

And those who lent additional assistance to help make the evening special…

We’ll see you all at the next Celebration for Children’s Rights in 2018!