Youth Voices Council

The Youth Voices Council is a group of passionate, committed, and diverse young leaders who gather to address the issues that most affect New Orleans youth.


The Youth Voices Council empowers young people to develop a collective voice and the skills necessary to dismantle injustices within the juvenile justice system and beyond.


By working collectively with stakeholders in the juvenile justice system, we envision a world where youth voices inform leadership, advocacy, and policy decisions. In doing so, youth will help build a justice system that is safe, equitable, and respectful of young people.


Weekly Meetings

Participants meet regularly to plan upcoming events and discuss important issues that affect youth. Food is provided at every meeting and members receive a small stipend for participating.  For more information, please contact Grace Franklin.

Youth Voices Unfiltered

The Council hosts a weekly Sunday radio show on WHIV 102.3 FM from 2:00 to 3:00 pm. This youth-led program is changing the voice of radio in New Orleans by showcasing black youth and other young talent. Hosts provide inspired and fresh commentary on current world and local issues that affect young people. Check us out on Soundcloud and Facebook!