Louisiana Youth Justice Campaign 2017

We believe in a juvenile justice system that is safe, smart, cost-effective, and fair – a system that uses community supports to help children grow and thrive; prepares them for a future of real opportunity; and holds them accountable in age-appropriate settings.

Our priority issues for 2017 are detailed below.  For a quick overview of our campaign agenda, you can download our 2017 legislative fact-sheet.


Allowing Youth a Chance at Redemption

United States is the only country in the world that condemns children to die in prison - and Louisiana tops the list of states that dole out life without parole sentences for kids. We need common-sense reforms that hold children accountable while still recognizing their capacity for redemption.

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Repealing Mandatory Sentences for Kids

Mandatory minimum sentences for kids – often referred to as “Vitter sentences” – take decisions out of the hands of judges and fail to make our communities safer. Louisiana should give discretion back to our judges by repealing these sentences for children tried in juvenile court.

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Improving Juvenile Expungement Laws

Juvenile court records can prevent young people from succeeding long after they have put the justice system behind them. Louisiana must follow national best practices in its juvenile expungement laws – those governing the permanent destruction of records – to give young people a fighting chance.

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